Accommodation Near Singapore
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is the Air Asia home base and transport hub for many airlines and bus companies.
Penang. A Chinese island and tourist holiday destination off the west coast of Malaysia. Popular Thai visa run turn around stop-over.
Bali Indonesia. Exotic tropical island on the Equator. Ancient culture and Hindu religion. A good range of tourist activities such as surfing.Perth Western Australia. Superb beaches with a pristine environment. WA produces high-quality food, cooked by a growing population of Singaporeans and other Asians.
Bangkok Thailand. Traffic gridlocked mega city. The main tourist entry point of arrival for dispersion to other parts of Thailand. Delicious variety of Thai cuisine at cheap prices.Web Marketing digital marketing and owner of many domain names such as which is Google first for "hotel marketing asia"
Samui the Thai island to go to in the Gulf of Thailand during the "Green Season" (wet season)Hong Kong. A large Chinese city south east China. Shop of the world.
Phuket: The second most popular tourist destination in Thailand. A tropical Thai island on the west coast of the Malay Peninsula in the Andaman Sea.
Dubai. Long haul flight stopover for travel from South East Asia / Australian / NZ to Europe. Also a luxury hotel destination for tourists who like being in the water during HOT weather.
Nikoi Island. Holiday island near Singapore. Popular weekend escape for Singaporeans.India. Exotic ancient culture. Great cuisine and beach resorts. Cheapest holiday in Asia.